On the road to Ourika, the red ochre walls of the bo-zin rise up. We enter a particular universe where every detail has been thought out for the well-being.

It’s an invitation to dream, a mix of Zen spirit, sobriety and elegance.

Near Marrakech, the bô-zin invites you to spend an exceptional evening in a musical

atmosphere. The Porch dominates an exotic garden, luxuriant ponds and summer lounges

This wonderful and smart place is invitation for dream and serenity

A famous place in Marrakech where the time does not have influence anymore

The bô-zin offers several facilities as follows: total capacity: 500 people.

Main inside room: 80 persons Small Veranda: 40 persons

Bar room: 40 persons Large veranda: 50 persons

Pergola: 70 persons Garden and marquees: 100 persons

Jardin: 120 persons

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