Comptoir Darna is an important nightlife attraction in Marrakech, which has arrived on the scene in 1999. It proposes a perfect fusion between the orient and the occident. It is « THE » place in the red city where every night is party night. Comptoir Darna is where we live unforgettable moments, where we meet and exchange mutual experiences… It is the house of the traveler, an unavoidable pause on the caravan trail. “Darna” in Arabic means “Our Home”, so: Welcome to your home !


Comptoir Darna menu introduces traditional Moroccan cuisine of high quality along with original and inspired “World Cuisine” dishes. We offer an elegant fusion of cultures and our chef excells in combining savoury and sweet dishes in a simple but refined way, marrying tradition with the most progressive culinary inventions.

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Our Restaurant is open every evening from 8pm to 1am.


Quietly installed upon the majestic stairs as the traditional orchestra band of Comptoir Darna covers in an acoustic fashion all the great classical music and also the Andalusian Arab music, not forgetting the famous Moroccan music as well.

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