The Palais Soleiman is the work of the finest craftsmen of Fez and Marrakech who worked for years on its construction and ornamentation.

With its finely chiselled domes, illuminated ceilings, walls dressed in multicoloured zelliges (glazed earth mosaics) and stucco laces, its dreamlike atmosphere, the Palais Soleiman offers the visitor the possibility of taking a true journey through time and living an integral cultural experience.

At the heart of this experience is of course the Moroccan gastronomy, which is recognized worldwide as one of the tastiest and most generous in the world.

The art of the table is an essential component of Moroccan tradition. Perfumed, sensual, colourful, Moroccan cuisine owes its subtlety to various heritages: Mesopotamian, Mediterranean, Berber, Andalusian …

The Patio, a traditional interior courtyard that has become a dream setting for prestigious events of surprising proportions, with a decor that tends towards magnificence, with its zellij, stuccoes, fine columns, woodwork, fountain, four splendid salons, offers in addition the magical spectacle of a roof that opens at will onto the starry sky: a better setting for art than a place that was originally designed to celebrate. The handsome one?

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